photo of the foti filter humidifying face maskThe Foti Filter™ is a simple, affordable and effective face mask for use by anyone who can benefit from filtered or humidified air. It is especially beneficial in excessively dry conditions, and/or when you want to filter out germs, dust and pollen. An efficient filter and humidifier, it also renders inhaled air fresher, freer of unpleasant odors and produces a healthy micro environment for you.

Research has proven what most of us have long guessed: airplane travel spreads flu germs. Do you agree that spending a few dollars per trip is more than worth the price of staying well? We sure think it is—especially during flu season! Buy yours now in time for flu season.

How It Was Created:

The Foti Humidifying Filter™ was developed in Hawaii by Philip Foti, M.D., a doctor of pulmonary medicine. He wanted to help his patients with chronic lung problems be able to both travel long distances on planes as well as work in dry or dusty environments in safety and comfort.

buy now buttonThe Hawaiian Islands are isolated in the Central Pacific, thousands of miles from the nearest landfall. Travel to or from this magical place involves at least 4.5 hours in a plane. This air is often unfriendly for travelers who have breathing or respiratory problems and it can spread flu germs even to very healthy people.

Likewise, exposure to dusty environments such as wood-working shops can impair otherwise healthy workers. The Foti Filter™ is very beneficial in these and many other uses.

Please let us know how you are using the Foti Filter™!

The Foti Filter™ is protected by U.S. Patent #6375724.